> On Mar 23, 2015, at 7:04 AM, Jonathan Garbee <jonat...@garbee.me> wrote:
> The buzz mostly comes from throwing of "HTML6" into the title. HTML5 is a
> buzzword and this creates new buzz for the "next version" to act as
> click-bait for ad views. It also went viral from the mention since people
> were mocking the idea of HTML6 (and the single-page app system proposed.)
> As far as I know, HTML6 won't ever be an actual thing for any foreseeable
> time to come. HTML5 is now the "Living Standard" of HTML and will continue
> on indefinitely until it dies.

Also, you’ll find that people share things that they like.  Editors might, but 
readers have no vested interest in click-bait.

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