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> One idea we've been brewing that has not surfaced on this thread so far is
> that of having an ImageBitmap.toBlob(), which would return a Promise. Also,
> ImageBitmap should be transferable. This idea is just partially baked right
> now, but I wanted to throw it out into the open to get people thinking
> about it. The rationale behind this is that ImageBitmap is basically a
> lightweight read-only proxy for pretty much anything that can be used as an
> image source. So this single API entry-point can perform as well as a
> direct toBlob() method hanging off of any other type of object that an
> ImageBitmap can be created from. Because it is an opaque and immutable
> object, it gives browser vendors a lot of latitude for implementing high
> performance code paths. It allows pixel data from the DOM to cross Worker
> boundaries without making copies (at least in cases where the source is a
> static image). It allows interactions with blob storage to be driven from a
> worker (vs. canvas.toBlob), hence avoiding jank on the main thread. Raw
> image data generated in JS would not have to transit through a canvas (just
> create an ImageBitmap from an ImageData object), which eliminates a lot of
> unnecessary pixel pushing.

That makes sense to me.

If we do that, and also add HTMLCanvasElement.transferToImageBitmap, then
one-shot "draw into a canvas and create a blob" applications could have
really minimal memory usage. That method would detach the backbuffer and
clear the canvas (which I think all browsers are optimizing to "no

Eliminating the transit through canvas also
> allows for fast paths for capturing blobs from <video>, <img>, svg, URLs,
> to name a few.

With new APIs on those elements, you mean?

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