> I gave a limited one-page idea for now, so design faults should be obvious. 
> This will take years, but right now it’s looking like there aren’t 
> fundamental problems with the proposal.

There are fundamental problems with your proposal, namely:
1) it relies on some undefined magic  
2) it changes HTML to something entirely different.
3) you assume that those not willing to learn Javascript will somehow know how 
to use the features you propose without learning. How?
> That's obviously a horrible idea. Why would anyone encourage millions of 
> other people to do more work? Everyone’s time is limited. Why should a 
> fashion-blogger spend time to learn JS to get a responsive high-speed site? 
> They have other things to worry about, like next season’s collections.  
> The best experience should be on by default, and you need a built-in MVC 
> framework in HTML for that to happen.
And fashion designer will be able to use it without learning? Also it is not 
clear, how are you going to separate M from V from C if it is all HTML.
> You’ll find that the kind of proposal I’m putting out there is the only 
> viable solution.

Your proposal is just a bit of magical thinking, not any solution. I am not 
sure what problem are you trying to solve.  
Is that ‘allow non-technical people to build web-sites’? Then you are solving 
it at the wrong level.

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