It would be useful to have pitch adjustment for VIDEO element. There
is playbackRate, to control playback speed — useful!* And there is
vv.mozPreservesPitch, in Firefox, which can be set to false, so that
pitch will adjust to the speed of the video, sort of like old analog
gear (tapes and records).

Negative playbackRate, to watch videos backwards, currently crashes
Safari 8; Firefox 40 says "not implemented". I think it would be
entertaining for example, to watch things like cars uncrashing. Should
this work? And if so, shouldn't audio match the video speed for
backwards playing? I think "yes, and yes."

But variable pitch control it would be useful for music adjustments
like "over the mountain",  "Black Star", "Take your Whiskey Home", all
originally recorded at half-step detuning (A=415), none of which match
"standard tuning" commonly used in schools, industry, etc. Recordings
of Baroque era music often use instruments tuned lower (and also
different scale temperment, but that is a different issue). So it
would be nice to adjust the pitch with a `pitchAdjustment` property,
as a double, to adjust pitch in cents.

Currently, there are applications to do this, such as the "Amazing
Slow Downer". Could similar API functionality be realized for VIDEO
elements, to make such apps in-browser? For that, there must be input
from browser vendors to say "yes, we see the value in that, and it's

YouTube Speed

Over the Mountain

Black Star

Take your whiskey home

Amazing Slow Downer

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