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> O'Callahan
> > According to the spec it should work, but it's very low priority for us and
> > implementing it would be very inefficient as Yay295 describes. So I don't
> > think it's going to happen in Firefox in the forseeable future.
> I was looking in to this yesterday and it seems like the spec places absolute 
> no limits on playbackRate. Am I right? This seems a bit bad.
> If nobody is supporting negative nor has any plans to, we should at least 
> consider throwing for negative. I guess we can leave the upper limit 
> unspecified, unless implementations all happen to agree on one.
 Support is certainly poor; Internet Explorer/Trident and Edge both support 
negative playback rates on desktop (I haven’t tested mobile) but do so by 
simply showing the key frames as they are reached in reverse, in my testing. 
Firefox, Chrome and Safari on desktop and mobile don’t support negative values 
at all AFAICT. I have notes here suggesting that mobile platforms don’t even 
support positive rates other that 1. -- 
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