On Fri, Sep 25, 2015 at 7:51 AM, Boris Zbarsky <bzbar...@mit.edu> wrote:

> On 9/25/15 10:48 AM, Justin Novosad wrote:
>> I am sharing this here in case there would be interest in standardizing
>> this behavior.
> I personally think it's a good idea (and throwing an exception is how
> Gecko handles, or at least aims to handle, this situation).

In the past, we discussed that error conditions such as this shouldn't
throw exceptions. Most of the time, this type of error is just temporal and
is resolved in the next frame. Rare exceptions are almost never caught by
the author so the application crashes.

Maybe for out of memory conditions, we could return a fake imagedata object
with nothing but transparent white. In addition an 'isValid' property could
signal if you have a real imagedata object.

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