*I should've shared this a long time ago but better late than never....*

Last winter, I was dealing with some confusion surrounding `iframe`
sandboxing [when I wasn't aware it existed] on code playground sites
(JSFiddle, JSBin, CodePen, etc.).

While investigating, I ended up creating a JS library called *sandblaster*
[1] to assist me in analyzing *aaaaand* potentially modifying/dismantling
iframe sandboxes.

You can see a live analysis result example on its demo page [2].

Please check it out if you're interested in the subject and feel free to
contribute issues/PRs/tests/suggestions/etc. on its GitHub repo [1].


[1]: https://github.com/JamesMGreene/sandblaster
[2]: http://jamesmgreene.github.io/sandblaster/test-iframes.html

    James Greene

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