Garrett et al: 

I really appreciate your delicate sense of humour.  Not sure if all the
people in the list does the same. 

We all know  a computer-- opossite to we human beings - is unable to
interpret correctly, unconciently,  the information  pheromones and
smells have. I am speaking now like that old student of Biology Sciences
who is not anymore. 

But you have hit the nail with your delicate sense of humour. Really. 

Kind regards


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On 2016-04-01 18:09, Garrett Smith wrote:

> There has been good progress in HTML5 for <video> and <audio>.
> But the <smell> tag has been missing -- why?
> Well no longer, now thanks to a new game-changing proposal:
> <smell autoplay value="">
> But it occurred to me: This could be huge paradigm shift in towards Internet 
> Odorous Things.
> boolean `navigator.isSmellEnabled`
> Thank you,
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