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> Should navigator.language and/or HTTP Accept-Language include my locale in
> addition to my language — even if the combination is exotic?

It seems like there was a good discussion on this thread but not much in the 
way of conclusion.

My take on this is that ECMA-402's DefaultLocale() is locale, whereas 
navigator.language/HTTP Accept-Language is language, and they should stay 
separate. navigator.language should continue reflecting language settings.

However, I think there's definite interest in reflecting locale settings as 
well. I don't think that this is best captured by a simple language tag string. 
Instead, as discussed in briefly, I 
think you want a structured object (`navigator.locales` is the proposal) that 
contains all the different extensions and thus allows you to figure out 
different settings like time formatting, date formatting, etc.

For example, as with many geeks, I set my OS to 24-hour time and YYYY-MM-DD 
date format. But my language is still en-US, and we shouldn't try to find some 
language tag that reflects my settings and call it the "locale". We should just 
reflect the settings directly.

I last talked about this in some detail with Dan Ehrenberg of the V8 team and 
Caridy Patiño, one of the editors of ECMA-402. We were roughly aligned on the 
direction but I can't find any record of our conversations, and it looks like 
there hasn't been much spec movement either. If this is something Apple is 
interested in, I can work with Caridy on a more complete spec proposal for 
`navigator.locales` and how it interacts with 402.

What do you think?

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