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>> _The remaining issue for me seems that the interaction between this "viewer" 
>> and the page is completely unspecified and that items like descriptions and 
>> copyright notices which may be required to make sense of an image may or may 
>> not be shown._
>> _ Also, an image may represent an item of any kind or offer actions on it 
>> (for example "Download the PDF", "View the subgallery", "Show related 
>> images", "Go to full description"), which the page may be unable to perform 
>> if there is no standardized way to interact with the UA._
> I don't think the below proposal is a good way to address this. I'd suggest 
> creating your own library to implement the desired functionality, possibly 
> using microformats for the semantic aspects, and seeing if it gets adoption. 
> If it becomes very popular, maybe we could consider asking implementers if 
> they are interested in adding it to the platform, like they have done with 
> aspects of other popular libraries such as jQuery. But I think you are still 
> too quick to jump to asking implementers to implement a new element.



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