On your last reply:Have you read 
 ? In particular, it seems you've jumped straight to step 7. Can you instead 
start with steps 1 and 2, and describe the problems you are trying to solve? As 
far as I can tell they are something to do with databases and having a specific 
existing server-side architecture full of .frm files that you need to adapt to, 
and other files that I think you want to display inline. There are well-studied 
solutions for these sort of problems, and I'd encourage you to first describe 
your problem in detail, so that we can guide you toward existing solutions.

Hey Domenic,I'm trying to get some information on how to implement some new 
tags/attributes on the backend.  I would like to know if my only option is the 
use case discussion, or if there are other resources for getting it done.  I 
don't think what I proposed would require an existing server-side architecture 
full of .frm files.  I've sent out some other messages, you can find them on 
the mail archive to get a better picture of what I proposed as a solution for 
form, and menu creation in html.  The .frm/.mnu files can be created by means 
of a simple text editor, like with html.  They are created with the source 
paths for content.  The source is called up by means of a source tag, and 
redirected for storage by means of a destination tag.  It's really simple, but 
I'm not sure if it would require a full specification to be implemented by the 
html guys, www guys, or what.  Let me know what you think.Thanks,Jacob

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