On 2016-10-06 14:15, MegaZone wrote:
How is this any different from PHP, ASP, JSP, .Net, ColdFusion, etc?  You
could implement your CML on the backend and have it 'output'
XML/HTML+JavaScript+CSS for delivery to user agents with compatibility with
everything out there today.
There are many server-side options and it really sounds like that's where
CML would fit.  Your developers would write in CML, and the 'engine' would
render that into the appropriate content for delivery to UAs.

Yeah! For example, I'm working on a offline CMS that actually uses include/declaration files for all the components of a static site. The CMS will grab all that apply templates and "render" the finished html, PHP is actually used to power this CMS.

Personally I don't see value in this proposal.
I have to agree, I almost feel like I'm being trolled at this point.
Unless a post or a "diagram" shows up that makes me go "Ah! Now I see!" I'm not going to bother responding to any further posts on this subject.

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