Hello Domenic,Thanks for responding.  I think I've discussed this too much as 
it is.  I didn't know it was so difficult to get anything done.  I've gotten 
all mixed up at this point.  I guess there are several options in getting this 
implemented.  By internet server script update, browser driver/script update, 
or by user agent update.  So I think I'll let this one go for now, until I have 
more resources to get it done.Thanks,Jacob 

    On Thursday, October 6, 2016 8:58 AM, Domenic Denicola <d...@domenic.me> 

 From: Jacob Villarreal [mailto:jv1...@yahoo.com] 

> I'm trying to get some information on how to implement some new 
> tags/attributes on the backend.  I would like to know if my only option is 
> the use case discussion, or if there are other resources for getting it done.

Yes, we aren't interested in adding features to HTML without use cases.

> It's really simple, but I'm not sure if it would require a full specification 
> to be implemented by the html guys, www guys, or what.

To be clear, we only add features to the spec that have use cases and interest 
in being implemented in at least two major browser engines. (Those are the most 
important steps of the process I linked you to.) So there is nothing really 
simple about this; adding features to the web platform is generally a 
multi-year effort that involves convincing a lot of people that what you want 
is (a) important; (b) cannot be accomplished any other way; (c) will be used by 
lots of people (on the same order as existing features of the web); (d) is 
something browser engine engineers want to spend their resources on.

>From what I gather, you have some new markup language and server-side system 
>that you want to get everyone to use, but it's unclear why: that is, it's 
>unclear what the use cases are, and whether they could be solved in any other 
>way using existing web platform technologies. So you need to start there. 


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