On 6 December 2016 05:24:59 GMT+00:00, Zac Spitzer <zac.spit...@gmail.com> 
>on touch devices, there is a problem with sticky hover states
>one workaround it to clone, remove and re-insert the element
>my question is, should an element retain it's hover state when hidden?
>if it didn't, an easy workaround for this problem is to set
>and then display:block;...
>aka jquery $(el).hide().show()

Surely you're better off setting a focus state, as that takes priority (at 
least in all browsers where I've seen this problem.) The hover and focus states 
should be different as they're meant to visually indicate different things to 
the end user.

There are browsers out there with joint touch and mouse capabilities too (e.g. 
Surface, any touch screen added to desktop OS's, and Android with a mouse 
plugged in, etc) where you wouldn't want to break hover state like you propose.


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