my name is Marcus Reichardt and last week I gave a talk at the XML
Prague conference about HTML (the version that W3C has recently
published based on your work here) from a markup language perspective.

I just wanted to inform you that there's now an initial SGML DTD
available for HTML (linked from http://sgmljs.net/blog/blog1701.html)
which can be used for checking future additions/changes to HTML. In my
talk/paper I make a point about what I consider an unintended
consequence of a relatively recent change to the content model for the
datalist element (the "datalist flaw"), and that I think HTML5's
grammar presentation leads to this kind of issues. Specifically, I'm
seeing an issue with enumerating all the elements implicitly
terminating a parent element for each element individually, and that
this practice puts an unnecessary burden on ongoing maintenance of the
HTML grammar. I think the intent of rules for end-element omission and
other grammar rules is better (and much more succinctly) expressed in
DTD grammar rules.

So if you can see value in an automated check of a modified HTML
vocabulary, please feel free to make use of the DTD, or even
contribute to it. A fix to a piece of broken table markup in the
specification text found using the DTD has already made its way into
the spec text eg.

I'll be glad about any feedback, be it positive and negative.

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