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> Mark Kaplun <m...@marksw.com> schrieb am Mi., 26. Juli 2017 um 15:43 Uhr:
>> [...]
>> Basically the HTML is loaded first, and at some point you can have some JS
>> that will load the JSON by an AJAX request. google is happy to get the
>> JSON-LD this way [...]
> This sounds like an interesting approach - however, that would require a
> (e.g. non-browser-)client to support javascript and potentially fetch and
> execute the complete page JS - all that just to get meta-data, would it?
> That sounds like a very expensive solution for a technology that was
> supposed to enable bots to consume web pages *without* needing to cut
> through all the bloat.

As far as I know, google now runs whatever JS there is on a page, so yes,
it is an expensive technology, but since they already do it in any case I
assume there is no extra expanse for them.

Obviously it is a barrier to entry for other players.

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