Richard Maher <>
10:00 AM (2 minutes ago)
to Chaals, Ben, WHAT, Chaals, Natan, public-geoloca., ehsan, alia, jmann,
beidson, eoconnor, weinig, Kenji,
Mate, how does Background Geolocation get to bypass this narcissistic
obstructionism? Are there no adults at W3C? Oh, Mozilla pays a lot so we
have to have him?

Two years precious time squandered due to him and Jerk bloody Archibald. Is
there no accountability in your autonomous collectives?

Merit-based resource allocation?


marcosc <>

FYI, I’ve banned @Richard_Maher
<> from
our discourse for repeated code of conduct violations.

If he returns under a different alias (which he tends to do), please let me

Please refrain from engaging with him on Discourse or standards discussions.
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marcosc <>

I’ve also deleted @Richard_Maher <>
 posts, as they are just noise.

Apologies to participants in this thread for not taking action sooner. This
individual has been trolling our community for a long time, and, despite
numerous pledges from him to behave - or claims that he will go away, he
keeps coming back.

"Noise"? Was there someone else that contributed anything useful? Fine, ban
me (again) but burn my books? Really?

How do you blokes live with yourselves :-(

BTW. I believe you should update your CoC more in line with the other
communist regime's banning of "disagree": -


This is what it prompts:

“Sorry, this content violates the laws and regulations of Weibo’s terms of
Just replace Weibo with W3C/IETF :-(

PS. I've heard that North Korea and the Church of Scientology are also
doing great things in the free-speech space.

On Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 8:23 AM, Richard Maher <>

> I guess that's why, when I lived in Munich, the English cinema was packed
> with locals (who seemed to laugh at odd moments :-)
> Anyway what has to happen to get Background Geolocation up?
> On Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 6:47 AM, Chaals Nevile <> wrote:
>> You have no need to reproach yourself Chaals. If you dekete your post
>>> then I will have dekete mine then we’ll end up in a cycle of revisionism
>>> and book burning.
>> It's a noble profesion with an honourable history....
>> C’mon, we were a little bit funny?
>> Well yeah, but to be honest only a little bit. And only in English. I
>> watched Princess Bride once in Spanish and realised why my spanish friends
>> didn't think it was funny. The translation is shit - totally lacking in
>> grace, humour or style, as is far too often the case for translations into
>> spanish.
>> cheers

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