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 If that makes sense for your App the background-fetch already caters for posting location updates to a fleet manager.
 If delayed Batch Processing is acceptable to your site and you don't want geofences then good luck.
  TravelManager register() and unRegister()

I had to look up fleet manager and travelmanager. These are business terms. I did not consider fleet management, nor did I consider targeted traveling advertising/upselling (travelmanager?).

I was looking at this from a non-commercial user standpoint as well as scientific standpoint. Hence why I mentioned "crowd sourcing" weather data and geolocation from smart devices via a webapp, or a health and fitness training app (pulse, distance, altitude etc), or health/wellbeing (baby monitoring, pet monitoring).

But regardless of the intened use or purpose. Splitting things into a whole bunch of APIs and then trying to get permissions working for all of them is going to be a huge pain IMO.

A general purpose permission system and a general purpose sensor api (that can gather gps and various other things like ambient temperature or pulse) would be a better long term goal. It would also be less likely to screw up security this way.

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