On 12/25/2017 02:54 AM, fantasai wrote:
The CSS WG has published an updated Candidate Recommendation of the
CSS Scroll Snapping Module Level 1:


This module contains features to control panning and scrolling behavior
with “snap positions”.

This update renames the 'scroll-snap-margin' property to 'scroll-margin'
and applies it also to the target element of scrolling operations such
as scrollIntoView(), focus(), and navigating to #fragment.

Note that 'scroll-padding' is already applied generally:

A related concern was brought up that some DOM APIs define scrolling to
an element in a way that conflicts with scroll-snapping; such APIs should
allow for an element's snap position, if defined, to dictate the position
of an element to the viewport if no explicit argument is given to the

Significant changes are listed at:


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