Hey guys

I've been playing around with manylinux for a while and have now
completed a proper merge of Mark Williams' pull request for the
manylinux2010 Docker images:


Then published it here:


Building the docker images has gotten a bit more complicated due to the
custom glibc build for x86_64 and prefetching of openssl and curl.  I've
added a build-images.sh script in the root directory (master branch)
which should do everything correctly.

After building it locally, it should work just like manylinux1 did.

There are a few minor caveats:
- I had to insert two small hacks to make it work:
  - Added a shell script which shadows yum and calls it with LD_PRELOAD,
    because the new libcurl.so is incompatible with py2.6 on which yum
  - The new pip v10 which has just been released breaks one of the
    scripts.  Added a clause to rely on the latest pip v9.x. Good thing i
    didn't publish this earlier. :)

- It still uses devtoolset 2 and (presumably) is therefore not compatible
  with the latest C++ ABI.  I won't try to upgrade to devtoolset 7 until
  the discussion around that is settled (interested parties have a look
  at the pull request, particularly the GCC_4.3.0 requirement).

So while it should work just fine in most cases, it's not all done yet.
You can see it as a preview version. ;)

@pypa-maintainers: if anyone wants to integrate my changes into the
official repo, feel free to do so.  You should have a look at the
manylinux2010 branch, I've tried to keep it close to upstream and I've
added detailed commit messages there.

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