On 12/01/2017 17:55, Geoffrey Guettier wrote:
> Hello,
> I tryed to install why3-0.87.3 but i habe an error when i run any why3 
> command :
> anomaly: Sys_error("/Users/mac/.opam/system/lib/why3/commands: No such file 
> or directory")

That is quite surprising. Why would a why3 command you have compiled by
hand look for subcommands into an opam-owned directory? Are you sure you
are running the executable you just compiled/installed?

> Then tryed to reinstall why3-0.87.2 but when I run "make" i have the error :
> File "src/ide/gmain.ml", line 1:
> Error: Wrong file naming: /Users/mac/.opam/system/lib/lablgtk2/gmain.cmi
> contains the compiled interface for 
> GMain when Gmain was expected
> make: *** [src/ide/gmain.cmx] Error 2

Yes, this is one of the bugs fixed by the 0.87.3 release.

Best regards,

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