2018-04-12 18:36 GMT+02:00 wenlong xie <wlxie.buaa...@gmail.com>:
> [conf-gtksourceview: pkg-config gtksourceview-2.0] Command started
> + pkg-config "--short-errors" "--print-errors" "gtksourceview-2.0" 
> (CWD=/Users/wenlongxie/.opam/system/build/conf-gtksourceview.2)
> [ERROR] The compilation of conf-gtksourceview failed at "pkg-config 
> --short-errors --print-errors gtksourceview-2.0".
> #=== ERROR while installing conf-gtksourceview.2 
> ==============================#
> # opam-version 1.2.2
> # os           darwin
> # command      pkg-config --short-errors --print-errors gtksourceview-2.0
> # path         /Users/wenlongxie/.opam/system/build/conf-gtksourceview.2
> # compiler     system (4.06.1)
> # exit-code    127

Thanks for the update. As I was suspecting, it seems like pkg-config
is not installed on your machine (under POSIX, 127 is the shell's
error code when it does not find the executable it is asked to
launch). It is quite surprising, as this is a fairly standard command
for any gtk-based library, and I'd have thought that brew would have
installed it together with the rest. Could you check whether there's a
brew package called pkg-config or something similar and if yes,
whether installing it through brew solve your issue? Otherwise, I'm
afraid you'll need help from someone who actually has a Mac on which
they can reproduce the issue.

Best regards,
E tutto per oggi, a la prossima volta
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