We're all for that. Such a project needs someone to pull it though. We
(the core devs) simply don't have time for it besides the normal
Wicket development, bookwriting, etc. If someone (you?) wants to start
that initiative... you can get access to wicket-stuff (maybe even
admin access if you plan on taking a project leader role) and off you
go! And of course, when such an initiative comes off the ground, we
(core team again) would be happy to support it where we can.


On 6/14/06, Ayodeji Aladejebi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I know of Wicket Extensions and Wicket Stuff etc but I look forward to
> Wicket Widgets Stuff where users can donate all sorts of resuable widgets to
> wicket community that carry all sorts of behaviors needed to enrich Web user
> experience
> As an example, i have been trying to create Wicket Menu bar component by
> trying to reduce my effort to something close to Swing
> I am not talking of something like echo2 now, I am talking of all those
> common stuffs in web development packaged in a cross browser reusable wicket
> components.
> MenuBar bar = new MenuBar("web-app-menu", ...)
> MenuBar will be a customizable markupcontainer that will have vertical drop
> down capabilities
> Menus and MenuItem will simply be Wicket Links instances.
> My major headache started when i realized how horrible CSS can be across IE
> breeds and Mozilla and other browsers, IE expecially so i spent more time
> trying to sort out making cross browser CSS vertical menus for my wicket
> project. Now that should not be because for me if wicket were to fulfil its
> vision, developers should spend more time with Java than cracking thier
> heads on how to do common stuffs with CSS or Javascript.
> Therefore I think encouraging widgets contribution will also be fine. I am
> not a cross browser CSS expert but there a lot out there willing to donate
> reusable CSS codes for creating common widgets on the browser
> Scrolling
> MenuBar
> etc...
> Anyway for me, it boils down to one thing,
> I am trying to create MenuBar, Menu and MenuItem for my project and i need
> cross browser CSS for vertical drop down menu,
> Something like this
> <div wicket:id="MenuBar" class="menubar">
>  <ul>
> <li wicket:id="Menu"><a wicket:id="MenuItem"></a></li>
>  <li wicket:id="MenuSeperator"></li>
> <li wicket:id="Menu"><a wicket:id="MenuItem"><img
> wicket:id="MenuImage"></img></a></li>
> </ul>
>  </div>
> But i am scared of the CSS hell out there and i dont even know where to
> start digging for good cross browser CSS to use for this, so please who has
> a reference to the CSS library that can make this life easy
> Thanks :)
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