I'm not sure if this problem I'm dealing with have something to do with Wicket or Cayenne.
A bit of a background, I'm using Wicket and Cayenne ORM to build a simple CRUD application.
I want to be able to select and delete a record from the list (using ListView component) and then redirect back to the list to display the update. 
The problem I had is whenever I delete a record, wicket re-render the listview component. The list was taken from the original list including the deleted object. Thus, a null pointer exception was thrown by Cayenne because the deleted object was called.

Does setResponsePage(...) trigger Wicket to re-render from cached or does it re-initialise the entire page?
if option 1 is valid, is there any chance to tell wicket to drop the cache's model and re-init instead?

Thank you.


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