Hi All,

A am experiencing  some wired behavior, every few pages wicket (1.2  
and 1.2.1rc1) redirects to expired page. During this the session  
stays active and I can go to the home page without having to login  
again. This behavior is not deterministic (it happens when I go do  
different pages), but it looks like it is related to how ajax  
requests are handled. When I remove all ajax behaviors, the problem  
seams not to occur anymore.
The redirect comes from DefaultRequestTargetResolverStrategy, method  
resolveRenderedPage. This method tries to retrieve the page from the  
session, but the PageMap in the session does not contain it, so  
expired page is returned. I don't explicitly use any page maps in the  

Does someone have he same issue? Could this be related to ajax? Dose  
someone have more (high level) information how page/page maps are  
handled in the session or have tips how to debug this in the best way?

Appreciative for any tips,


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