Hello users,

I wanted to know if wicket has support for using a component similar to PagingNavigation to tell it to selectively
bring the items it will view in a Page depending on the page link clicked.

My actual problem is the list (generated froma database) i will feed to the ListView component may be very big, in the order of thousand elements.

I was wondering if there is such a component in wicket where i will feed the total number of items i want to display
and the number of items per page i will display to the Navigation component.
Then depending on which page link of the Navigation is clicked i'll fetch the elements in the list.

I hope i have made my problem clear.

Currently i have a solution which is by implementing my own list interface to return the size().
And implement my own sublist method.
But I am not sure how the ListView component retrieves the data from the list and call the populateItem().
I am not sure whether it uses the sublist method or the get() method to retrieve elements from the list.


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