My apologies if this is a topic that's been covered before on this list.
I did a search on the admin page for URL, IPageLink, ILinkListener, etc,
but came up with nothing.  Perhaps the search engine is wanting...
Anyhow, we're currently evaluating Wicket for use in developing a fairly
large website.  

The examples we've seen so far have navigation "rules" embedded directly
in the page component definition, as such (from
<> ):
protected void onSubmit()
    PizzaModel pizzaModel = (PizzaModel) getModelObject();
    setResponsePage(new WicketTestConfPage(pizzaModel));

The onSubmit handler here hard codes the response page for the form,
directing the control to pass to WicketTestConfPage.  In most cases,
this is an acceptable approach.  But it is often desireable to treat web
pages as distinct, reusable modules.  I may need to have a form
providing some general functionality in several different sequences.  In
each case, the page's navigation logic would need to be specialized,
since the page following will be different.  I can see the obvious
solution of subclassing and overriding the onSubmit method to provide
specialized behavior.  But this tends to bloat the object namespace,
something I'd like to avoid.  The other solution I've seen, using logic
to conditionally instantiate the desired IPage based object within
onSubmit, is equally undesireable.

I understand the need to establish a programmatic means of switching
pages in Wicket, as this facilitates passing a model from the current
page to the next in line.  I'm just hoping that there's something more
dynamic than tight coupling between pages in the app.

One of the most ideal solutions I've seen to date is the implementation
of JSF, where navigation logic is defined in a separate descriptor.  I
know this is counter to the philosophy of Wicket, but in separating the
navigation logic from the page definition, JSF achieves the goal of
modular application architecture with elegance.  I suppose a solution of
this nature wouldn't be too difficult to implement, but why reinvent the

My question is:

Am I missing something here?  What are the various strategies for
navigation logic other than tight-coupling?

Thanks in advance,

Julian Klappenbach
Ramp Technology Group
Lead Developer / Architect

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