On 14/07/06, Frank Bille Jensen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Nice. I like the mvn approach better, than having a large quickstart
> including libraries.
> Any reason why you are using org.grlea.log and friends instead of basic
> apache log commons? They are not in maven repository, so it's not
> straight forward to use.

  Opps - they are in the repo! (Somewhat simplified) there's a typo in
the pom regarding one of the adapters - it should be simple-log-slf4j
rather than simple-log-sl4j (i.e. a missing 'f').

  As for why Simple Logging, well, I needed an implementation of some
sort. (As this was from the viewpoint of an app, rather than a
library).In the past I had some issues with clogging, log4j &
class-loading in jetty 5, so I switched to Simple Logging as my
default, solving the issues I was seeing then & didn't switch back
when I came to knock this up.


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