I have it working in two fields, yes. Actually one quirk: if you type in
one field and tab out of it within a half second then the script is
going to bring you back... it should be checking too see if you're still
in it before calling blur & focus. Easy to fix.

But I don't see any fundamental problems with the approach, so long as
the global vars get unique names and all that. I'll be adding several
more of these to one page and really banging it out, and if I come
across any problems I'll report back. Just wanted to get the idea posted
in case anyone else was working on the same problem.


Igor Vaynberg wrote:
> matej has created the requests-out-of-order-filter so its coming
> whenever sf.net <http://sf.net> svn access will be fixed.
> is that behavior going to work if more then one instance is added?
> -Igor

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