I am considering Wicket to start a new project, I have been
digging into some other projects like Grails, Rife, Roma, Sails and
Menta. My background comes from Turbine, Torque and lately Spring
(still sick of the hell of XML configuration fles ;-)

    My new project is a small dashboard like app, with heavy use of
JFree charts or something alike. I suppose I will end writing some
kind of comonent to make this charting stuff reusable, or has anybody
solved this yet?

    This application is data centric, and I am not quite sure of how
should I focus persistence. The main site of Wicket lacks any example
related to Hibernate, or any other persistence framework. The
references found in the Wiki are no relevant.

    There is a DataBinder proyect that show little activity but looks
fine in setting up the required infraestructure for persistence using
Hibernate. Wickett Stuff list a Hibernate components but there is no
informations about this subproject, and there is Qwicket, that
integrates HIbernate. It would be great to ear about your experiences
and recomendatios regarding the implementation of persistence in a
Wickett app.

    This application would require user to get authenticated, and some
simple role administration. It looks like there is some authentication
components in Wicket Stuff and checking the sources of Qwicket it
looks like it solves persistence throung Hibernate with all the basic
security infraestructure. Quicket looks like a youg and active
project, resolving the commong infraestructure issues I am looking
for, has anybody experimented with it?

    Off course the application will need some CRUD, there is a CRUD example at:


    I am not sure if it is a good starting place. Or if I should try
"Wicket Rapid Application Development Panels"?

    I am sorry for such many questions, but starting with a new
framework is always the difficult point of build a application. Any
help, suggestion or guidance will be higly appreciated.

    Best regards

Aníbal Rojas

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