* Igor Vaynberg:

> the core wicket team has decided to join the ASF and make wicket
> a top level apache project (wicket.apache.org)

Wow, that's great news!  I find it very exciting that Wicket joins

* Steven Mak:

> I have some queries on this:
> <snip/> - How  do ASF decides who is  joining them? They already
> have Struts,  Tapestry, and  some others  related frameworks. Do
> they  have any  criteria to  choose? or  would they  take it  as
> any  kind of  "conflicts" due  to similar  nature with  existing
> projects?

One thing  I can tell you  is that some Apache  people are already
using Wicket,  highly appreciated  because it is  lightweight, not
intrusive, and gives power back to the programmer.  Thus this move
is more than welcome.

Concerning the other web application frameworks at Apache, I would
talk about « competition » rather  than « conflicts ».  This shows
that Wicket is not « just another framework », but that it is high
quality software  standing in  good place  next to  the well-known
others (you didn't mention Cocoon BTW).

And about  moving from  SourceForge to  Apache, don't  forget that
SourceForge  is an  OSS  *repository*, whereas  Apache  is an  OSS
*community*, i.e. a group of people knowing each other.

Long life to Apache Wicket ;-)
     Jean-Baptiste Quenot
aka  John Banana Qwerty

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