I noticed when I added a Behavior (i.e. AjaxSelfUpdatingTimerBehavior) 
to my components in a Panel that was then added as a tab to the 
AjaxTabbedPanel, that the javascript was not added to resulting markup, 
when the tab containing my Panel was selected.

I understand why this is, since the entire page does not change when a 
tab change occurs, so there is no way to add the javascript to the 
"onload" attribute of the "<body>" tag.  

So I was wondering if you could recommend any other way to have the 
script be added to the page.   Is my only option to extend the 
AjaxTabbedPanel, and override the onAjaxUpdate(AjaxRequestTarget) 
method, and then manually add the javascript to the request target myself?


Also, I was testing your Frames example code, and experienced the "Page 
Expired" message.  I've read documentation indicating that different 
Page Maps should be specified to prevent this.   How do you do that in a 
situation like your "Frames" example where one of the frames to be 
displayed is dependent on the "Link" in another frame being clicked.

I can reproduce the "Page Expired" error, on your Live wicket-examples site.

1) Goto  http://www.wicket-library.com/wicket-examples/frames
2) 'Click'  Source Code (Which opens a new browser window)
3) Go back to the original browser window, and 'Click'  the Page 2, 
link.    ( A Page Expired ) message should appear.

Thanks in advance for any details you can provide me about these things.


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