Title: Issue with reusing a form/page

The following code is used to display the results using a table/repeating view.

The last column is used to add a link to do another lookup. I am having two problems.

1. When the link "getTasks" is called regardless of which iteratation user[0] always returns the last value in the users arraylist.

2. On the subsequent page that it gets passed off to, GetTasksPanel runs another query and if the resultset of that is empty I call error("Not results found") which throws the following exception:

    java.lang.IllegalStateException: No Page found for component [MarkupContainer [Component id = getTasksForm, page = <No Page>, path = getTasksForm.GetTasksPanelForm]]

The call to error works fine if you go directly to that page and use the input field there…

Any suggestions?

  public LookUpUserResults(String id, ArrayList users) {
        if (users != null){
            RepeatingView repeating = new RepeatingView("repeating");
            for (int x = 0; x < users.size(); x++){
                WebMarkupContainer item = new WebMarkupContainer(repeating.newChildId());
                user = (String[] )users.get(x);
                item.add(new Label("username",user[0] ));
                item.add(new Label("osname",user[2] ));
                item.add(new Label("email", user[1]));
                item.add(new Link("getTasks") {
                    public void onClick() {
                        log.debug("Setting up link for " + user[0]);
                        MarkupContainer p = this.getParent();
                        for (int x=0; x < 10; x++){
                            if (p instanceof UtilitiesPanel){
                                String username = user[0] ;
                                log.debug("Setting up button for " + user[0]);
                                p.replace(new GetTasksPanel("mainContent",username));
                                p = p.getParent();

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