On 8/7/06, James Cook <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I wouldn't be too quick to judge developers that struggle with your platform
> to be new to _good_ java programming. I have many years of Swing development
> experience and web experience dating back to the pre-servlet, pre-framework
> era. That said, Wicket does interest me because it is radically different
> that the page-based frameworks *and* JSF-based component frameworks
> available today.

Quick judgement is always bad. Sorry if that offended anyone.

> From my own experience, I would say the hardest part about _using_ Wicket is
> _learning_ Wicket. There is a hodgepodge of documentation scattered in a lot
> of different places. You are transitioning to a new version, and without a
> good collection of documents/best practices it seems a bit hopeless at
> times.
> Your Wicket in Action book is many months off. Hopefully it is geared for
> Wicket 2.0. Also, perhaps you can get Manning to release it in their early
> access program. I know I would buy it today if a few initial chapters were
> available online.

The documentation is scattered, but I would hope by now the many
examples we have would make up for that. But sure, one of the main
goals of Wicket In Action is that you'll learn it the proper way,
including the ins and outs/ tradeoffs and whys.

It will be a couple of months before Wicket In Action comes out, and
it will cover Wicket 2.0. Karthik Gurumurthy is working on another
book on Wicket, pro Wicket:
http://www.apress.com/book/bookDisplay.html?bID=10189, which should be
out and of which you can download parts today.


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