I'm experiencing a very strange problem using Wicket (1.2.x) that I was unable to fix until now.

I have mounted some pages overriding WebApplication#init() method like this:

public void init() {
 mount( "/test", new QueryStringUrlCodingStrategy("/test", MyPage.class) );

So I can references the page by an url like "".

But // SOMETIMES // invoking that page an infinite redirect loop occurs and the only way to stop the page loading is to press the browser stop button.

I'm unable to replicate the problem because it happens in some aleatory way. But I've noticed two things:

* wicket append to the URL the following parameter "wicket:pageMapName=wicket-0 " like that:


* moreover after the first time it happens it will persist for every subsequent request to that page unless I don't close the browser and start it again ...

It's a very nasty problem, any idea to fix?

Thank for helping.

- Paolo

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