> Wicket Pro:
> + good idea and model
> + intuitive and easy to understand
> + few code needed
> + OO
> Cons:
>  - documentation isn worth the word...

We've had this discussion many times and it depends on what you think
documentation should be. If you mean a manual you are right. That
completely sucks and the little there is is horribly out-of-date. On
the other hand, we have very decent JavaDocs (whereas most OSS project
pretty much suck at that in my opinion) and we put a lot of effort in
our examples: wicket-examples (including the compref),
wicket-phonebook, wicket-extensions-examples, etc. Personally I prefer
to work with examples and test cases over manuals.

That said, what we need is someone to take care of the documentation
and site. We're an open source project, the current team members are
awfully busy with things like supporting this list, fixing and
improving Wicket's code, writing a book, etc. There are just no more
hours in a day.

I other words - like we've consistently been asking through the years
- we need people in our team for documentation! Anyone can start right
now by going to the WIKI, fix what is wrong, and write something up
that you might think would be helpful for others.

> (wiki tells you things that dont work, are deprecated etc

It is maintained by anyone that feels like it (though we try not to allow bots).


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