I have an AJAX tabbed panel that works smoothly except for one little 

The first tab contains a form with an OnSubmit event handler. For 
testing purpose, the handler is as follow :

onsubmit="alert('On Submit');return alertOnSubmit('alertOnSubmit')"

The alertOnSubmit function just display it's argument in an alert box. 
Everything works fine.

Now, if I fut the same form in the second tab (which is then loaded 
through AJAX), the event handler works fine in Firefox. However, in IE6, 
the first alert box is displayed, but the second is not.

I made several tests, putting the script in various places. Results are 
as follow :

- When in first tab, everything works wherever the script is located.

- When in second tab (AJAX loaded), it does not work if the script is 
located in the tab. It works only if the script is in the rest of the page.

Does someone know if there is way to make IE6 use the scripts loaded 
through AJAX ?

BTW, the Ajax Debug Window is really cool. It would be even cooler if it 
could be resized. (And also is IE6 dropdown lists would not display on 
top of it, but there is probably not much to do about this except 
waiting for IE7 :-(


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