You don't _need_ to know / use OO to program in Java or C++, but at least they _allow_ you to use OO in your programs.  With all the reading I've done on JSF, I still don't have a clue as to the way someone who _wanted_ to use OO in structuring the presentation layer could do so.

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its not only that - most frameworks are not built around OO so the developer is not required to know it/use it. i think the skill is mostly lost in the webspace.


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On 7/29/06, Igor Vaynberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> we do evangelize the OO wherever we can, but it mostly falls on deaf ears.
> have you ever seen a struts app? in most struts apps the notion of a class
> is used mostly as a namespace to group some functions together. its hard to
> explain something when most people dont understand what you are talking
> about. at least this has been my frustrating experience. like that blog from
> the tapestry guy (
> and discussion we had here on the list ) saying listview is too complex to
> understand because it has an abstract callback method you have to implement
> and because it is an anoymous class.

Yeah. It seems to be a sad reality that many frameworks have it as
their holy grail to save their users from writing any code. And many
programmers seem to agree that's what they want. That's how you get
those famous 'framework coders'.


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