I've not got any real experience with Ajax, so the only things I can
suggest are to (a) see if you can see anything with the
WicketAjaxDebug window, (b) paste some example code or maybe better,
make up a small example app to show the problem, using
wicket-quickstart or wicket-template as a base, (c) take another look
at the wicket-examples to see is there's anything to help there...


On 09/08/06, Pierre-Yves Saumont <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am still trying to make my Ajax form working, with no success until
> now. I have made a simple example that works in a standalone page. I
> have then copied this example in a page of my app, and it don't work.
> What is surprising is that no code in the Ajax OnSubmit handler is
> executed, although the result component is updated with the values form
> the form. As the page is also flashing in the browser, my guess is that
> if Ajax submit don't work, Wicket default to non Ajax submit with the
> page redisplaying. Is that right?
> If it is, can you give me some indications about why an Ajax submit
> handler that work in a page would not work in another one?
> Thanks,
> Pierre-Yves

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