Ok, regardless of this case then... I'd be interested to hear what
people think in general about ListViews vs repeaters (package
wicket.extensions.markup.html.repeater and kids)? Are repeaters a
better solution in general/ only for certain cases (database) or just

I'm asking this because if enough people think repeaters do provide a
better alternative, we should soft-deprecate ListView and start
promoting the repeaters more. Now would be a good time, specifically
because 2.0 is still open for changes and I would use them in favor of
ListViews in Wicket In Action.

Speak up please, everyone :)


On 8/10/06, Igor Vaynberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> i dont think this is a problem with listview. i think joni misunderstood
> what setreuseitems() did and that even with pull models it makes sense. in
> this particular case dataview would suffer the exact same problems as the
> listview save one - you will not forget to override getlistitemmodel()
> because it is part of the idataprovider interface. but even with a dataview
> you would have to set an item reuse strategy which is equivalent to calling
> setreuseitems(true) on the listview. in dataview, same as the listview, the
> items would be recreated, etc - thats just the nature of repeaters in
> wicket.
> -Igor
> On 8/10/06, Eelco Hillenius <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
>  > I'm gradually getting to a conclusion that ListView sucks, and should be
> > replaced with something more robust.
> It does suck that about 25% of the problems people have with Wicket
> seems to come from the ListView.
> What do you think about the repeater packages? I'm still using
> ListViews myself mostly; they do the job for me. But Igor created them
> out of frustration with ListViews (and that was a long time ago). If
> more people think repeaters are a better solution than ListViews,
> maybe we should consider putting ListView more in the background (e.g.
> red rid of them in examples and more specifically Wicket In Action),
> and getting some repeaters over to the core project for Wicket 2.0.
> If there was ever a time to 'fix' this, it's now.
> Eelco

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