Igor, many thanks. I owe you some beers, should we meet.

10 aug 2006 kl. 22.48 skrev Igor Vaynberg:

> alritey, this is a bit of a tricky one

Indeed, that was tricky and I didn't even suspect anything close to  
it. Your explanation is clear and it seems to make sense.

> a cleaner way to fix it is to make tapdetails page bookmarkable and  
> use a bookmarkable link in the listview and pass in the pagemap  
> that way.

I'll go for that.

> now another common mistake, although somewhat unrelated, i see is  
> that you do new PageLink(id, new TapDetails(....)) - you just  
> created all those page instances in the lsitview upfront, before  
> the user even accessed any of them. if your listview had 10 taps you

Yes, that one I figured out myself. But for a quick test I let is  
pass. :-)

Again, thank!

Now it's "macbook closing time".


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