On 8/10/06, Gwyn Evans <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Why - Just to look nice, or is this a case where you might be needing
> to use a BookmarkablePageLink?   There'll still be cases where Wicket
> will use it's internal links (where there's state being passed
> around), but there may also be cases where there's no state that could
> be used by bookmarkable urls.
> If you can use a Bookmarkable page, then you can have that sort of
> urls automagically, but I'd sugest avoiding trying to tweak the
> internal format...
> /Gwyn

I agree with Gwyn. Such links are internal and should thus not be a
problem for anything but 'beauty' (and even that is not too bad imo,
as we're hiding pretty much everything we can).


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