I haven't tried it, but I wonder if something like
    mountBookmarkablePage("/login", LoginPage.class);
in your Application instance would give what you want?  Note, it's
probably a bad idea to try & duplicate 'real' pages/folders such as
"/" or "/app"!

Having said that though, I'd have thought youd be better off just
telling the users to bookmark the IndexPage when they get there?  That
way, if they go back to the URL after just having been logged in, they
get there, whereas if they've not been there for a while, they'll get
sent to the login page anyway.


On 11/08/06, Ingram Chen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> All,
>    This small problem annoys us very long time:
> When I first reach http://mycompany.com, with normal configuration, we
> check if user login or not and throw
> RestartResponseAtInterceptPageException( IndexPage.class)
> to redirect  user to Login page.
> This work perfectly but the URL become unstable link like:
> http://mycompany.com/app?wicket:interface=:1 ::
> Normally user want to bookmark login page, but in this case such URL does
> not work at all.
> Is there any way to fix this 'problem' ? It would be better I could redirect
> to root context like
> http://mycompany.com/ or http://mycompany.com/app

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