I was trying to create a DataTable that allowed row selection, by adding 
a AjaxEventBehavior to the Item of a DataTable.    This works fine with 
Firefox 1.5, but I'm having problems with IE6.   The onEvent() method 
gets called when the user clicks a row in the table, but calling 
AjaxRequestTarget.addComponent(item); does not cause the table item to 
be updated to indicate that it has been selected in IE6.   Similarly as 
a test calling AjaxRequestTarget.addJavascript("alert(\"This is a 
javascript Alert\")"); Does not get executed in IE6.

This only seems to apply to the table Item or <TR> element, in IE6.  I 
can add a AjaxEventBehavior to the table itself, and the table gets 
updated when addComponent() is called, and the addJavascript("") gets 
executed as expected even in IE6.

Does anybody know if this is a limitation with IE6?

A crude example of what I'm trying do is shown below.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

int selected_row = -1;
DataTable table = new DataTable(..., ..., ..., ...)
    protected Item newRowItem(String id, final int index, IModel model)
         final Item item = super.newRowItem(id, index, model);
         item.add(new AjaxEventBehavior("onclick")
              protected void onEvent(AjaxRequestTarget target)
                   selected_row = index;
         item.add(new SimpleAttributeModifier("class", "selected")
            public boolean isEnabled()
                 return index == selected_index;


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