On 8/11/06, Dave Schoorl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Yes, I have build an application which will (someday) be released in
> production on www.nlgis.nl, I'm waiting for the customer to set up a
> meeting for deployment with the hosting party (currently it is
> accessible through it's test-environment on
> http://ip042.niwi.knaw.nl:9099/hgin/app, you can checkout the Demo-link
> in the navigation menu -- just ignore the Dutch ;-) ).
> I have build the user interface with Wicket, basically to define the SLD
> for the the map in the user session. I use Community Mapbuilder as
> client to show the map in the web browser. GeoServer is on the back end.
> Wiring between GeoServer, Community Mapbuilder and my application is
> done with some plain old servlets and a HttpSessionListener. But that
> was mainly necessary because the user can define (and upload) his own
> FeatureTypes (also a custom DataStore was needed for this to let
> GeoServer access the data in the user session).

Interesting, any plans of open sourcing the custom DataStore-part? I
think the GeoServer-guys would be interested in that.


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