I think I already know what I did wrong. I put passed the Track to the
page through the session object and then invoke  

Instead I should construct a new TrackMapMage object with the track and
call setResponsePage with that object. So:

   setResponsePage(new TrackMapPage(track));

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> works fine for me as far as i can see
> the right click on the first show tracks on map opens:
> http://gpstracks.wamblee.org/gpstracks/app?wicket:bookmarkablePage=wicket-0:wicket.quickstart.TrackMapPage
> and that is with a redirect. So that is fine.
> But how do you get the state (which track to display) to that
> TrackMapPage?
> Because if i do a refresh of that above url.. What do you show?
> johan

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