Hello all,
What I would like to have is a site where user-specific feature pages map to hierarchical URLs.  For example:
 * /site/user/karl/blog/2006/08/14 maps to BlogViewer(bob, "2006", "08", "14")
 * /site/user/karl/content/BestEssayEver maps to ContentViewer(fred, "MyLifeStory")
 * /site/user/fred/content/BestEssayEver maps to ContentViewer(fred, "BestEssayEver")
I could "cheat" and use Bookmarkable pages but this would leave the users also being passed as strings-- I'd rather resolve them ahead of time and pass the pages the real Actor instances.
In order to do that, I think I'll have to write an implementation of AbstractRequestTargetUrlCodingStrategy that encodes and decodes the pages.  Also, I will have to have a "guarantee" that each of the mounted pages has a constructor in the form of Constructor(user, string[] params).
The AbstractRequestTargetUrlCodingStrategy shouldn't be all that hard to write, but I think the aforementioned "guarantee" will require an implementation of IRequestTarget similar to IBookmarkablePageRequestTarget that stores the request's parameters for the pages.  From what I can see, this would also be simple to write as it seems to be mostly a data-storage class.  However, I am unsure of how to "wire up" Wicket to use my new IRequestTarget implementation once I have completed it.
Can anyone help me with that?  I would also really appreciate any insight/links someone could provide on how Wicket's entire URLmapping scheme works-- I haven't been able to find any architecture documents or anything that explain this in a general sense.  I'm used to using IIS and writing URL filters so this is pretty new territory for me.

Thanks in advance,
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