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Subject: [Wicket-user] Wicket 1.2 and Hibernate 3 slow




I have some pages where I use Hibernate beans to hold the contents of my wicket componts, for example if I have a listbox then each dataItem is a Hibernate bean. There seem to be a performance problem with this when I have postbacks to the page, when using AJAX it does not seem to be a problem. Further more it does not seem to have anything to do with my wicket code(might be the way I’ve designed my wicket page(conceptually) though).


I have a kind of feeling that wicket on postbacks goes through all components and their childs, and sniffs them?


When testing without using hibernate the performance issue are gone. I guess a way to fix the issue is to instantiate POJO’s from the hibernate beans to ensure that no hibernate listeners or whatever they use aren’t transferred to GUI.


Whats your 2 cents on this?


Regards Nino

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