Hi Karthik,

if its not too late for a small wish: i'd love to see the EJB3 part of
chapter 5 extended to a full chapter, as wicket+ejb3 looks like the future
for me (sb. in the list called it the "holy grail of web development")...
e.g. session (stateful / less)beans & messaging beans as well as a more
deeper entitiy part


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> Thank you Per, Korbinian, Ingram,  all for for considering the book.
> Needless to say any kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated.
> >  It's a good book you're working with. I do have some 
> comments and have found >  a few errors,  but I will mail 
> them to you when daytime work is over.
> Yes , i would really appreciate it if you could send across the errors
> / things that you think I should be aware of   - to
> I have attached the TOC here. Thanks again for posting your 
> thoughts on the book.
> - karthik

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