Thank you all for replying.

I thought Gwyn's reply was closest to the money - maybe the dtd was to blame
as there was a slight difference between the examples.

So I removed the data type definition from the wicket page. Alas, no

In the end I went to a good layout resource
( and made
a couple of changes to my CSS thus:


margin:10px auto;

Wicket wasn't to blame, after all it's strength lies in its strict
separation of html content and java code.

Todays score:

Wicket 1 : Internet Explorer 0


wired wrote:
> I use the following CSS code to center a page in a browser
> #wrap{
> color:#404040;
> width:970px;
> margin:10px auto;
> padding:0;
> }
> Using it a simple html page, the code works with Firefox, Internet
> Explorer 6.0.2 and Opera 9.01
> Now when I use the code in a wicket application the page renders correctly
> with Firefox and Opera but not Internet Explorer. IE cannot center the
> page.
> This is strange for it works in a simple test html page with IE.
> Is wicket to blame? Is it generating extra html markup that is causing IE
> to act strangely? (yet I cannot see anything odd upon examining the source
> code)
> Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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